More Cool Photos from Oje' and Other Early Rod Fan.... See yours Here??

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                                   56 Ford 2 Door Hard Top Kustom 50s Style 4 Sale in Des Moines Iowa

                              Leo's Dad's 1955 T-Bird Very Nice Bird & its 4 Sale LA Area ($29K)

             63 Studebaker Kellogg Concept Avante                                  39 Studebaker Champion Coupe                      


                        70s Style 57  Chevy Racer                              Artie's 60s Camaro Street Racer / GM Muscle 


                                           Early Rods Don't Die They Live on & Ride On



              Custom Mercury and Old School Truck                61 Chevy Bubble Top,  Muscle Power 


Old School RV w/ Corvett Engine & Rally Wheels            Early Chevy Cab Over Flatbed


         31 Ford Early Rod Tub/Truck?                                      Nova with Corvett Power Train


                                   This Chopped Early Rod Ford Pick Up Lives in Costa Rica

     Very Kool, 2008 West Coast Kustoms, SM                 63 Ford Galaxie, American Muscle Power         


      Stock Mustang Convertible Pony Power                           Stock 60s Chevy 2 Door Hard Top


                Dave's Wild Ride, Daily Driver (NOT) This is just one Radical Crazy Rod, Way 2 Kool

              34 Roaster White on White Ghost Flames                            39 Ford Step Up Rag Top Cool Ride


Beautiful Classic 4 Suicide Doors 4 Sale Buellton Ca         Ye Old Rat at the Mayors Place in Nipomo Great Breakfast


                2 Kool Kat Rods Show Style                                    58 Chevy Wagon with Impala behind it


Oje's 79 Malibu/IROC Wagon, has 1990 Camaro IROC 305 TPI, 300 HP  & Built 700R4 Trans, Disc Brks,

 Pwr Str, IROC Wheels, New Hotchkis Frt Sprgs, CD, AC, 4 Sale or Trade in Nipomo Ca, 805 878 8115

    57 Chevy 4 Door Hard Top Very Clean                            58 DeSoto Fire Flight 4 Door Moms Ride


                66 Dodge Coronet, Mopar Power                            49 Studebaker Commander, from Hawaii

      Big Boppers Drive-In Solvang Ca, Cool Sign                50s Rag Top Ford, Very Clean & 4 Sale in Buellton Ca                     


       39 Ford Waiting in Garage for a Ride              59 Studebaker Silver Hawk Pop's Ride

       37 Ford Slant Back Rod in Buellton Ca 4 Sale               Early Mercury, Great Grill, 4 Sale in Buellton Ca


        65 Chevy Old Skool Pick Up Daily Driver                 S 10 New School with with Old Skool Stance

      90s Chevy Custom Rod Truck in SLO Ca                                2010 Corvett On 101 Hwy in Nipomo


        66 Ford Mustang GT American Muscle                              Stock 52 Chevy 2 Door Sedan, Nice


            Owner says "69 BOSS 305"  More American Muscle                        65 Rambler w/Surf Racks 4 Sale in Lompoc


     Big Red Ford 4X4 Ready to Roll Anywhere Anytime                     Bear Driving Hot Rod, No Really

      Early Stockers Rag Tops with Nice Butts                          57 & 58 Chevy Tails in Buellton  4 Sale

         Early Chevy Rod Fast Back                                Early Custom Chevy Rag Top Street Rod


 Hot Dog Weiner Mobile Joey The Cool Little Man         Purple Flames All in my Head, Very Clean Machine

56 Chevy Wagon 327 w/4 Speed 4 Sale Buellton Ca             50s Chevy Panel Wagon Very Cool in Oceano Ca


           Blue on Blue Sweet & Clean Ride                        Deep Purple 40s Chevy Pick Up


                                                     60 Nash Metro with 355 Engine


                  60 Ford Pickup Daily Driver                        Rebecca's 40 Ford Pick Up with many Memories


              46 Ford 2 Door  Early Rod Cruiser                             5 Window Classic 50s Chevy Pick Up


    Chevy Hot Rod Wagon, Dig the Old School Mags                     65 Buick Special is just Too Kool



                 T Buckets above with with Side order of Rods, with just little dash of Wire & Mag Wheels 

           31 Dodge Coup in California City                             Clean Early Rod, Big Slicks, Big Engine  

          Sand Rail T-Bucket Style Dragster                                   Early Rods in a Row at the the Show 


        Very Stylish 40s Ford 2 Door Early Rod                                        George's  66 Muscle Malibu    

                            1957 Family Affair with 56 2 Door Sedan (had to be different) Rebel?


                          2 Cherry Red Early Ford Rods, 1 Rag and 1 Hard, Both Very Sweet


               Stock BIG Muscle Ride Cruiser 4 Sale                                  55 Chevy Convertible  from Hawaii 

                                Chevy Muscle SS Camero and SS El Camino Ready to Rumble

    Can you say Fasssssst and Long                              Very Colorful Ford F100 Pick Up Rat Rod


              Sonora Impala Muscle Chevy Rod                                             Fat Tire Limo

Jonny's Bs 1928 Early Rod at West Coast Kustoms 09                               Dave's 1930 Model A 50s Style Rod      

       GTO at Coos Cruz 2008 American Muscle                           Aerial View of Seaside Oregon's Show


      55 Chevy with Fat Tire Rear End in Nipomo CA                 Oh Johnny Boy, 1966 Let the Good Times Roll


                          Cool Blue Cruiser                                            Dodge Surf Wagon in the Desert


                       Hudson Rod at Show                                        Champion Hot Rod Tract

                   51 Chevy Fast Back Kustom                                                           71 Charger American Muscle

 Grand Pa Alvin Taylor, My Father In-Law, Loved Cars,                                    Oje's 57 Wagon Project


          Flammin 51Ford Chopped, Frenched Tail Dragger           Georges 1st Rod/40 Business Coup & He Misses it


                    Osborn Family 50 Ford Frenched, Shaved, and Chopped 5 inches w/454

     Flammin Burb in Stuart Florida, 4 Sale (maybe)                         Ed's 30 Ford Vicky, Clean Machine


 57 Chevy Pickup, that's what the owner says        Oje's Late 54 GMC, Sold and Used in "Green Fried Tomatoes"


                   Early Fastback Custom Rod                                      Early Rat Ready to Roll in Fresno Ca

                  Nice Early Pickup Rod in the works                                      Rusty Model A Looks Good to Me        


            Sixties Pontiac Cruizer in Santa Maria                                  Plymouth Duster Stock & still Rocks


     58 Fury with Drive In Tray in the Window                       Original 1956 Fury will be Restored Soon


                                                      69 Camaro Muscle in Hillsboro Oregon


       Bruce's 1930 Durant Early Rod Smooth Style                            Early Mercedes Beauty in Tehachapi Ca

                Clean 31 Ford form Illinois                                      Early Rod Fifty's Style 29 Ford Cool DaddyO


              Radical Chopped 60 Rambler                                                      Nice 42 Chevy from RI

            Super Cool 29 Ford Pickup BC Canada                         This 32 Ford Rod belongs to Hot Rod Mama

                53 Pontiac Santa Maria Ca                                    50s Custom Studebaker Pick Up Nipomo Ca

                 67 El Camino in Nipomo Ca                                  64 Malibu 2 Door Wagon 4 Sale Pismo Ca

                                                  67 Impala with Original 327 in Grover Beach Ca

               Both of these were 4 Sale at the Nipomo Auto Swap 3/27/10 Central Coast Locals


          63 Belair 2 Door 4 Sale in Atascadero Ca                          60s Cougar 4 Sale in Atascadero Ca


                                            Super Nice Buick Woody from New Mexico

This may be the only 40 Ford on Early Rods site                   Great Chopped 55 Pontiac in Atascadero 4 Sale

        Very Clean Studebaker in Carpinteria                         100% Pony from the 60s in Grover Beach

                                       We Support Our Military Men, Women and Machines

       Sister Impalas 4 Sale at KARS in Buellton Ca                               67 SS Nova 4 Sale in Lompoc Ca


                                          This 1966 Impala SS was seen in Osage Beach, Mo.

     The Ford Rod, 57 Chevy and the Blue 58 below are 4 Sale at KARS in Buellton Ca, good find but $$$$$$$

      Very Clean 58 Convertible in Santa Maria Ca                            Stock 58 2 door HT in Buellton Ca

    Super nice Wild Cat 4 Sale in San Miguel Ca                      Hot Vista Cruiser 4 Sale in Long Beach Ca

             Old School Camping in Lompoc Ca                Checkout the Lic, & Dewey Weber Decals, Working Surf Truck


50 Chevy Fleetline 4 Sale in Nipomo Ca, motor needed          53 2 Door Sedan 4 Sale in Arroyo Grande Ca, 

             56 Rat Chevy Truck in Los Osos Ca                                      Yard Art in Atascadero Ca

               Nice 1931 Model A and 1946 Chevy, Owner (Dan) Loves Driving Both these around Wharton Texas

   Private Old Gas Station in Lompoc by the River                         Southside San Antonio Texas


             These Treasures are on the California Central Coast from San Miguel to Santa Maria


    1928 Ford Repair Mailer, boy oh boy life was Good and Parts were Cheap and labor was almost free


  ThunderFlight,  Super Polished                                                     60s Lemans Muscle Power 


                             Site Visitors Early Rod                                    Now That's What I'm Talking About, Dawson WV


                                       Very Clean Five Seven from Washington State                                                                    



Early Rods from the State of Oregon, How do they keep them so nice with all that Rain? 


                                                  Early Rods from Texas                                  


                                               Oje' s 1953 Kaiser /Frazer Deluxe Traveler Sold              


                     69 Impala Bay Area                                                  63 Falcon 4 Sale SLO


              Oje's 65 SS Malibu ,Yea Right, Pwr Str & Disc Brks, Sway Bars Frt & Rr Edelbrock Pwr

                                                       72 Vegas Wagon and Panel in SLO


                                               1957 Rat Rod Kruzin Wagon Daily Driver


                       Clean Mercury in San Diego                                         56 Plymouth 2 Door Wagon in SLO


                  52 Chevy Hardtop, Wheels?                                                       50 Olds Early Rod Fan


                32 Ford Pickup with Chevy Motor                               1928 Flatbed 4 Sale in Arroyo Grande

                                                     Cool Corvettes, always a nice ride

                               1963 Impala Rod                                                Early Chevy Rod, Very Smooth

                   Oje's Big Red 3 Door Suburban a Real Family Daily Driver, the Kids Loved it


            Very Clean Kaiser in Shingle Springs Ca                            Super Ford Truck Rod on the Centro Coast of Ca


            The Original MidSize  Rat Ford in Elk Grove Ca                           Cool Ford Cruizer from Oregon

                                                              More Cool Customs Below


                                           58 Chevy 2 Door Surf Wagon in North Carolina



                                                     67 Bonneville in Camarillo Ca

                   59 Chevy Brookwood Wagon                                    Garza 57 Chevy 2 door Wagon


                   61 Chevy Wagon                                                        56 Chevy Nomad on Hwy 10


                   53 Plymouth in Atascadero Ca                                  Early Ford Pickup in Atascadero Ca


      52 Chevy Chopped Off at Headhunters Shoe 09                    50s Buick Sled at Headhunters Show 09      


                         Clean 54 Chevy 2 Door                                             Real Work Truck in Atascadero Ca


            Early Cab Over in Rigby Idaho                                      More finds in same location Rigby Idaho


                                                           Zephyr for sale in Rexburg Idaho


          66 Chevy Suburban Custom Rod in Fresno                  Early Rods Mower Pinstriped with 12 Ball Shifter


          Barrett Jackson LV 09 Caddy Woody                                  Sweet & Low at Barrett Jackson LV 09

Lots Of Photos below, from 2008 Shows, Swap meets and Elsewhere


           50 Stock Merc in Paso Robles Hills                                       Got Road Rage, Tanks A Lot


                                           51 Merc w/Cad Grill in Nipomo by Arnold Garza              


         Running 20s Pickup in Atascadero Ca                               Oje' 79 Maliroq Wagon 305 TBI by Xtreme Unlimited


            82 VW Diesel Caddy Tiny Mini Pickup                            72 Suzuki 4X4 Lil Brute 4 cycle 2 cylinder 350cc

          Nipomo Style Service Station                                                  Orcutt Style Parking Lot

    Pasqual's 48 HiRoll Sweet & Low in Nipomo Ca                               53 Chevy 4 Door in Nipomo Ca

 Early Pontiac with Promise in Hiding in Creston Ca             Rare 60's Merc Comet Cobra Style Rod in Nipomo

          Garza Beauty Sold, Now in Australia                                         Smooth Low and Clean


                                            47 Chevy 2 Door Nice and Clean Low Rider     


                                                                     Original Look, Low Rider Style


                                       54 Chevy two Tone Hard Top Low Rider


                                                                     Way Too Cool Wagon Way Too Much $$$$$


                        Shelby GT in Pismo Beach Ca                                                     67 Vet in Atascadero Ca


                               Custom 50 Ford Wagon                                             Save Me Now in Arroyo Grande July 2009


                                                                             Jose at 08 Cal Kustom with F100


                                                       1954 Super Clean Low Rider Wagon

       Tucker Very Rare Find

                Motor in The Rear  



      Jim's parents bought this car in March 57, Montclair Phaeton Coupe, Turnpike Cruiser Engine.



                   300 MHP Racer                                                                54 Funky Chevy Woody


                                     Super Custom Early Fifties Ford 150 at California Kustoms 08


                               Chopped, Lowered, Frenched, Ford Kustom, Early Rods Rule

            Early Plymouth Before Chopped                                                      52 Chevy Stock

Cool Chopped Ford                                                       Early Cushman Custom Trike

  Early Merc w/ Chopped Top and Louvered hood                    Early Merc Louvered w/ Ghost Flames

No their not the same Mercury, gotta Love Mercs.............Sweet

                      Early Old Style Rod                                             58 Chevy Delivery Long Flammin Wagon


                                                         These Chevy Low Riders are Clean 


                                     This Fast Back Sold for $20K at the Cal Kustoms 08




                                        Lower Rider Bomb, Cherry, Stock Modified

                  Mean, Extreme, Jelly Bean                                     Exhaust Pipe just keeps on going and going



                                              Low Fat Rag Doll Customs, F150 Panel, Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Modified Dirt Toyz for Men and Boyz                                  Boys Just Wanna Have Fun 


                                          Low Down Cool Black is Where its At Jack.


                                                               Sign of the Times


                Hip Cat Daddy O, Model A, Chopped, Lowered, Rusted, with White Walls


                           Wow Yes Wow Golden 50s Merc Lookin cool in the Grass


              Primer Looks Good Lowered                                        Too Much but Cool Early Rod Dragster

            Ford Lead Sled, like Cool Man, Early Ford                               Paul's Radical Chop                         


          Old School Clean No Chop Needed                                                      Barn Yard Find 

           This Guy Loves Vets, All Vets                                            Vet Treasure Chest, My Neighbor

                                                  Early Rods Site Visitor's Club Jacket


   Let me stand Next to Your Fire  Early Merc Rod                 One Burning Flammed 50s Ford Delivery Wagon

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