2010 Dave Dana 11th Annual Memorial Car Show                        Early Rods Home Page 

                                Sweet 1930 Cab                                                                                         55 & 55 Chevys

       64 Malibu 2 Door Wagon for sale at Show now under $20K                                 Cool Stance for SS Camaro Muscle 

                         Winner Best Street Rod, 1930 Rat                                                           Classy Trophies were given to Winners

                                                                                  1969 VW Gia and Crazy V8 VW Bug

           Rare AMC 1970 when everybody made American Muscle                             SS Chevell Malibu, you must to have one at every show

                Classic 65 4X4 Chevy, Very Clean Machine                                                     1956 4 Door Classic, The Lic says it All

                         Rare Mercedes Kit Mobile Classic                                            This Custom Caddy Convertible was a Show Winner

                                                                            El Camino's Rule in Every Style

               Maribel's Classic 1960 Chevy Impala, don't cry                                                              Early Rods Alley

   This Classic 54 Hard Top was just Driving by & I Grabbed  a Photo                  Purple Flames all in My Brain, Cool Custom Chevy

This Classic Stainless Steel Sand Dragster was Grand Dads Pride and I'm Sure He Was Smiling Down on His Grand Kids for Bringing it to The Show

                                 Classic Camaro and Classic Cougar This was a Great for Small Town Nipomo come next year and Join In