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Memorial Day Show at Nipomo Swap Meet by Paul Cepada and friends, Mad Bomberz amd More



2011 West Coast Kustoms Photos of Friday at the Santa Maria Inn


                                                            There were a lot Early 50s Chevy Rods and All Looking Cool 


                                                                        Very Clean 52 Chevy Hard Top Low Rider


                                 Great Weather, Great Customs, Great Time for All and Free Pre-Viewing of West Coast Kustoms Show 2011


                                                 I Dig These Grills and this Tangello Early Rod 50s Chopped Chevy is Killer 


                                Couple of Early Ford Wagons, Long Roofs are my favorite the one above is a Very Cool Ride  








                                                              1963 Suburban is one my Favorite Rides a Family Custom Rod




            The Motor in this Rat Rod says it All, this Very Cool                                                 Wayout Chrysler, Crazy Paint



                                                                              Metal Flake Rides, Starlite and El Camino



                                                                           Very Cool Rides above and below



                                                              Bare Metal Custom with only being Pinstriped



                                                                     Show Stopper Mercury Traditional Custom 



                                                        Paul's Latest Sweet El Camino with Crazy Grill, and a very Rear End


                                                                    Now this is Real Radical Custom Mercury Cadillac


                                                    A Couple Rat Rods                       Who Needs Paint when Rust is So Cool


                                         You could see the  2011 West Coast Kustom Show from a seat in the middle of parking lot of the SM Inn


                                              Nice Custom Rods All in a Row                                  Old school Match Box Ford 


                                                                                  White Rat Rod Pick Up 4 Sale at WCK